Congratulations!! Thank Yous!!

Congratulations… And now to announce the winner of the Shell & Shine Goodie Box Giveaway!…

Congratulations Sheryl Brown!

A big thank you to everyone who has been sharing this year with me on and for all of the new folks who just tuned in.
I’m happy you are here.

Stay tuned for tomorrow! I’ll be posting a full list of all the little treats that were included in the goodie box and where you can get them for yourself.

Until tomorrow! 🙂


Shell & Shine! One Year Old!

One Year Old!

Holy Cow Time Flies! We are just about to celebrate our one year anniversary here at Shell & Shine! I’m so exstatic! I am also very grateful to all of you who have been reading, commenting, and reaching out.
I have been busy making some skin-care packages for a few besties (eeehum… like people who live on remote Alaskan islands! You know how you are!). But I haven’t forgotten you!


Goodie Goodie!

In honor of how completely kick-ass you all are, I have a skin-care goodie bag for one lucky winner, to be picked at random on October 3rd (2016). It is jam-packed with samples of all of my favorite products and some things I’ve made myself.

How To Enter?

How do you enter? Great question! Go to my website ( OR my Facebook page and subscribe or follow and you will be entered for the drawing. Do both? And you get entered twice! Whaaaaat?!? Two chances to win!! That’s right 🙂 That’s how much I love you.
So subscribe on the site and follow me on facebook. I want to give this goody bag to you!
 I am so sincerely thankful to have shared my online journey with you thus far. Here is to another year 🙂