Kishu Charcoal Sticks. Clear your water, Clear your skin.

It is no secret that drinking water is good for you AND your skin. Recently, in a quest to reduce the amount of packaging I bring into my home and trash that I produce, I found a better solution to the filtered water craze using specialty pitchers (you know the one)! TADA: Activated charcoal sticks! This eco-friendly way to filter your tap water is delicious and couldn’t be easier to use.


What are Charcoal Sticks?

These activated charcoal sticks (also called activated carbon) are made in the Kishu region of Japan and are great for absorbing impurities. This pure form of carbon absorbs and bonds with impurities and metals that are found in most of our municipal drinking water sources. Using them is as simple as boiling them periodically and then putting them in pitches or bottles of water (More detailed instructions here at A Cozy Kitchen). One stick will last you about 4 months and is compostable when you are finished. I’ve tried the ones from Kishu Charcoal and have loved the clean, pure taste. Their packaging is completely biodegradable too! Well done, guys!


Dress it up!

Having a fun water bottle and a conscious compulsion to drink more water that makes it fun and is a great motivator to get those glasses in the day. Recently, my mother has been struggling with health issues and needed to up her water intake. I bought her one of these charcoal filter sticks for her to-go bottle and she loves it too!


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