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How Healthy Are My Beauty Products?

I love trying new products but like to be conscious of the ingredients before I put something on my skin. Truth be told, sometimes it feels tedious to read all of the ingredients and keep all of the information straight on what to avoid in your products when you’re excited about a new lipstick color. For this reason, I love, love, love, the GoodGuide website.
Good-Guide-Website was started in 2007 by one of the world’s leading academic experts on global supply chains, Dara O’Rourke. Dara is a professor of environmental and labor policy at the University of California at Berkeley and tracks product lifecycles from extraction to disposal. Aside from the toxic aspects of many products on the market, some of them have other hidden and often disturbing costs such as unfair labor practices or poor working conditions in the manufacturing process. This site tries to take all of these factors into account.

Rate My Products

The database is set up to help you search through products before you purchase them and know what you are getting. is a great way to make sure what you buy is healthy, green and socially responsible. Their rating system is 0-10 (with 10 being the best score for a product) and is based on a comprehensive set of health, social and environmental issues.


This website is a fantastic resource and I use it frequently. You can find it at and start researching your favorite products right now. With over 200,000 cataloged items, I’m sure you’ll find your products and maybe some healthy alternatives!

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