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Living Luminizer from RMS Beauty

I love finding great beauty products and what’s more, I love finding natural beauty products that really deliver. I try to stay away from some chemical products and excess packaging, but let’s face it, sometimes a gal wants to get dolled-up! One of my make-up bag staples that I can use when getting dressed to the nines or just add a little pizazz to that au’ natural look is living luminizer from RMS Beauty. I first learned of this company on Lauren Singer’s ‘Trash is for Tossers’ website (You’ve got to check it out if you are into that sorta thing. She’s got great ideas for living a zero waste lifestyle).


About RMS Beauty

The RMS beauty collection is fantastic. Most of their ingredients are organic and have packaging that is 100% recyclable/reusable. The company, started by Rose Marie Swift a few years ago, developed as a response to the toxic chemicals found in most beauty products. After 20 years as a make-up artist, Swift began to develop health problems due to the toxic levels of heavy metals contained in the products we slather on our skin every day!

Get that Glow!

I tried several products from the RMS arsenal and have quite a few favorites. The front-runner by far is the Living Luminizer. I can’t go through an entire day wearing this without having someone remark on how healthy my skin looks. It gives you the dewy glow of a highlighter without looking heavy or powdery. This highlighter also feels light and moisturizing.


Where do I buy Living Luminizer?

Depending on where you live, it can be a bit of a challenge to find a local store. This makes it a little tough to try colors and products before you purchase. Have no fear! There are real people working behind this website and are very helpful and responsive to requests. Along with my first order, I wrote them a little email asking for a few small samples of other things I wanted to try and VOLIA! There they were with my order.

You can find the Living Luminizer here on the RMS website for $38. It is a little on the pricey side, but after having this in my stable of products for more than 6 months, I can assure you, this satiny-pearl highlighter will last you for years. Works great with all skin tones, easy to apply and feels great all day.

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