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5 Best Morning Practices For A Glowing Face

  1. Hot Filtered Water With Lemon


Besides hydration, what are the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning? Incorporating with your morning routine, this is a great way to wake up (I prefer over coffee) and detox. Lemons are super rich in vitamin C and drinking lemon water regularly can even out skin tone and brighten up your complexion. The vitamin C in lemon water fight damage caused by free radicals and promote your body’s own collagen production.


  1. Rose Tea


Also rich in vitamin C and delicious, after I drink a cup of lemon water, I move onto the Rose Tea. I’ve talked about this before and can’t stress enough, how great this is for skin health.


  1. Routine Clean Cream Cleanser by Beauty Counter


Next, on to washing your face! This one took me awhile to find. I’ve been a bar soap and water  gal for a long time. My skin is so sensitive; Most things I tried irritated it. I had been trying the beauty counter line of moisturizers and got a sample of this cleanser. I was shocked at how gentle yet effective this stuff was. Hooked!


  1. Sonic Cleansing Brush from Michael Todd


This was a bit of a splurge for me. At $150 a brush, it is a little more than I would want to spend on something that may have seemed unnecessary but I gave it a shot and love this sonic brush. Mind you, I am NOT someone who likes extra hassle in my routine so anything that doesn’t stay charged or just work is quickly nixed. The Michael Todd Cleansing Brush just works and isn’t much trouble at all. It gives you a deep clean and a great facial massage which is said to firm skin, even tone, reduce breakouts, and promote collagen production. This particular model has antimicrobial technology to keep the brush clean so you don’t spread around more dirt and germs. I still clean mine with tea tree soap after using it to assure it’s cleanliness. This brush also has a timer so you can move the brush around your face and keep track of each section’s massage time.


  1. Best Moisturizer

Last but not least, on with some moisturizer. I love the Beauty Counter Everyday AM Hydrating Cream. Not too heavy. Not too light. I’d say, just about right :).


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