Korean Sheet Mask Trial

The verdict is in! I have found the top two Korean Sheet Masks after many, many, agonizing trials ;).


Korean Sheet Masks have started to see a rise in popularity over the past few years in the US. I am lucky enough to live in Seattle and have access to a lot of Asian stores that sell these individually. Over the past two months, I’ve done the hard work for you and tried a few- Twenty to be exact. Without further ado, here are my top two:


  1. Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack from Benton

While hydrating, this mask seemed to have the most benefit as a skin brightener. I felt like my skin was glowing after using it. This was amplified if I used the masks a few days in a row. It seemed to take a few years off and melt the look of stress away.


Editor’s Note:

This face mask is fully immersed in a highly concentrated essence infused with snail slime filtrate and bee venom. This premium blend of natural ingredients makes the skin’s immune system stronger to be able to stand against daily exposure that often leads to  skin damage. This mask helps recover damaged skin to enhance elasticity, softness, and radiance. This mask is free from parabens, synthetic colorants, artificial fragrance, and formaldehyde. It’s suitable for all skin types, even hypersensitive skin.


  1. Q10 Collagen Firming Mask by My Scheming

This mask left my face feeling so soft. I was really impressed with the texture of my skin after using it. Also to note, my skin felt firmed up but still very hydrated, not tight.


Editor’s Note:

Made with Collagen and Q10, ingredients known for their ability to tighten and renew skin, this face mask is further packed with seaweed essence to give skin a superb level of moisturization. Skin looks brighter and smoother right after using the mask, while regular use rejuvenates skin leading to a healthy and radiant glow. Massage essence into skin after removing mask. Do not rinse off.


Sheet mask thoughts in general-

Pros: There is such a variety and are great for firming and hydration. The packaging makes it great for travel and the application makes it really easy to apply the mask at night and just take off with no fuss, no muss.

Cons: On the flip side, the packaging. I did take issue with how much waste these created. Besides the tissue of the mask itself, some also had a backing and all are individually wrapped. This adds up and I’d much prefer to have a reusable jar when done with my mask products instead of a ton of packaging waste. Additionally, some of these masks (even ones that I liked) have a few ingredients that aren’t great and I tend to avoid.