Trying this week- Activated Charcoal Sponge


This week I’m trying the Activated Charcoal facial sponge from pureSOL. I have been using Kishu charcoal sticks  lately to filter my drinking water and was ordering some replacements when I ran across this sponge. It totally looks like a lava rock. How can this be good to rub all up on your face??


The product claims to improve skin texture and leave you with brighter looking skin based on it’s exfoliating properties and ability to attract and capture toxins. I was pretty excited to see that it is completely biodegradable (and comes in recyclable packaging) so this week I’ll be giving it a try!


Where to buy the Charcoal Sponge-

You can pick one of these up pretty inexpensively on Amazon. They sell for around $9. Give it a shot and let’s compare notes! I’ll check back in soon, hopefully with more radiant skin :).


Can’t Touch This! Hands Off Your Face

Face it, one often overlooked skin care tip is the cleanliness of your hands. Ah… “What!? I never get break-outs on my hands!” you’re saying. Well, I know that silly! I’m talking about the germs, dirt, and bacteria that you accumulate on your hands all day and transfer to your face. People frequently touch their eyes, nose, mouth, and skin onto their face often without realizing it. Think about it! How many times do your rest your chin on your hand or brush your forehead? All of this can trigger a break out and spread the p. acnes bacteria around your skin.

Your hands aren’t the only things that can introduce bacteria to your face. How about handling your phone and pressing it to your cheek? Cell phones, dirty wash clothes, pillowcases, make-up brushes, sunglasses, money: These are all big offenders so make sure you clean and disinfect them regularly.


But wait! I’m not suggesting you go crazy and bust out the bleach or start using antibacterial wipes on everything! There are safer, gentler, and more natural ways to keep those nasty bugs off your hands and skin.

wash-your-hands-for face skin-health

Wash your hands.

Like Seriously! Washing your hands is one of the easiest ways to clear this issue up, not to mention keep you from getting sick. Studies show that 97% of females and 92% of males say they wash their hands but of these only 75% females and 58% males washed their hands when observed. Let’s get with it people! It takes a village. If you wash your hands, you are not only keeping yourself more germ-free but helping to cut down the spread of bacteria, disease, and infection to others. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with a good soap like Dr. Bronner’s and make sure you get underneath your fingernails and tips of your fingers.

Sanitize your items.

Clean your stuff!  You can use a natural and safe product for every day use and shelf the harsh cleaners for the bigger jobs. Here is my recipe for a gentle disinfectant that works and smells great!


Disinfectant Recipe:


I put mine in this cute old perfume bottle I had on hand. A great way to reuse old bottles and this particular one gives a really nice mist.

Change your habits. Save face.

Do whatever you have to do. Gross yourself out. There are some seriously disturbing statistics out there about who is touching what and who is NOT washing their hands. Think about all the nasty stuff you touch every day and imagine yourself rubbing that directly on your face because essentially that is what you are doing. Changing your habits is not an easy task but with some thought and will power, you’ll be on your way.